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DynaWave Scrubber

DynaWave™ Reverse Jet Scrubber is an open duct scrubber in which liquid is injected counter-current to the gas through a non-restrictive injector. Liquid collides with downcoming gas to create a "Froth Zone", a region of extreme turbulence, with a high rate of liquid surface renewal. Typical removal of HCl and Cl2 and desulphurisation.
Due to the special design of this scrubber it has the following benefits:

- Virtually unpluggable
- Simple to operate
- Low maintenance
- Fine dust removal
- Multiple functions in one scrubber

Are available in many different sizes and construction materials.
Varying flow ranges: 100-400.000 m3/h

        - Easy installation
        - Coated steel, inox, PP, PE, FRP
        - Low operating cost


Central Enquiries:
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