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High efficient removal of vapours, amines and organics. Polluted air or gas is in contact with a washing liquid. To this liquid a chemical reagents is added, controlled by pH or rH device.
By condensation, mechanical or chemical, a very small mist can be formed. Separation of droplets from gases follows. Often the diameter of these droplets is to small for regular filtersystems causing entrainment.
Droplets are collected by inertial impactation. The mesh pads are available in wide range of construction materials (metal or polymers).
Are available in many different sizes and construction materials. Varying flow ranges: 100-40.000 m3/h
Adsorption of specific components in air streams, gases and liquids. Depending on the application different activated carbons are needed. Special types are available: high adsorbtion capacity, impregnated, acid washed and catalytic.
DynaWave™ Reverse Jet Scrubber is an open duct scrubber in which liquid is injected counter-current to the gas through a non-restrictive injector.
Summary ECOSYSTEMS Europe advises and delivers installations for cleaning of waste gases and liquids. For your company the result can be an economically responsible improvement to the environment.
Ecosystems Europe is specialized in providing service for Sulphuric acid production. In close cooperation with MECS Global from St. Louis we are providing the following services and equipements: - Brink Mist eliminators



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