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ECOSYSTEMS Europe advises and delivers installations for cleaning of waste gases and liquids. For your company the result can be an economically responsible improvement to the environment.

After delivery our service department is ready to solve any question quick and correct.

Test possibilities
For all the techniques described on this website there are test installations available.
The tests are possible for all applications with full support in analysis of the waste gases and material such as activated carbon or catalyst.

ECOSYSTEMS Europe has a wide range experience in installation. Please ask for our reference list. Many installations can be visited on demand.

Other activities
Besides the products in this brochure, our sister company Afpro Filters produces and sells air filters and HVAC equipments. Afpro is a leading name in air filtration.


Heat Recovery.

Innovative Plate/Plate Heat exchanger for gas to gas heat recovery. Seam welded plates ensures zero leakage. Because of modular construction a great flexibility in design is possible. Applications: Air preheaters for boiler systems and ammonia plants, Inter pass heat exchangers for Sulphuric Acid converters, heat recovery after incinerators.


Central Enquiries:
tel. +31 72 8200 270