MECS® High-Performance Catalyst for Sulfuric Acid Plants

Looking for reliable and economical sulfuric acid catalysts? Trust MECS® Sulfuric Acid Catalyst Products! Our technical expertise and commitment to innovation have enabled us to create a full range of high-performance catalysts for any type of converter. Our research and development program is dedicated to optimizing activity, pressure drop, hardness, and service life for the best catalysts in every application. Our high-quality catalysts maximize conversion while reducing SO2 emissions, boosting plant capacity, and improving efficiency. Contact us today to learn how MECS® Sulfuric Acid Catalyst Products can benefit your sulfur burning, metallurgical, spent acid, or wet sulfuric acid plant, and schedule a visit from our team of experts!

MECS® offers a comprehensive line of catalysts tailored to meet the unique requirements of each sulfuric acid plant. With over 100 years of experience, MECS® has the expertise to customize catalysts based on plant energy consumption, production rate, and SO2 emission needs.

  • XLP-310 the Next-Generation MECS® Ribbed Ring Catalyst is the next-generation Ribbed Ring Catalyst designed for improved pressure drop and longer life in high-performance sulfuric acid plants.
  • MECS® GEAR® Series Hexa-Lobed Catalyst for High-Velocity Converters is designed for high-velocity converters, providing higher conversion efficiency, longer life, and lower pressure drop.
  • MECS® XLP Series Ribbed Ring Catalyst is designed for sulfuric acid plants with lower velocity and lower pressure drop requirements, providing long service life and high conversion efficiency.
  • MECS® T Series Pellet and LP Series Ring Catalysts offer high conversion efficiency, long service life, and low pressure drop in medium-velocity converters, making them ideal for a wide range of sulfuric acid plant applications.
  • MECS® Cesium Catalyst is designed to reduce emissions in metallurgical sulfuric acid plants, enabling customers to meet environmental regulations while improving plant efficiency and productivity.
MECS® High-Performance Catalyst for Sulfuric Acid Plants