MECS® Process Technologies

Are you looking to increase productivity, optimize energy usage, and improve quality in your sulfuric acid production or refining facility while reducing emissions? Elessent Clean Technologies can help. Our experts have developed hundreds of industry-proven process technologies that can be tailored to your specific needs. We are committed to engineering high-performing, long-lasting solutions that meet environmental regulations and provide a competitive advantage. Contact us today for more information, technical assistance, or to submit an enquiry.

Our range of (?) Highly Effective Process Technologies includes extremely reliable conventional sulfuric acid plants up to specialty technologies as HRS that boosts heat recovery and increases power generation

  • MECS® MAX3™ is a highly-efficient single absorption sulfuric acid technology, offering improved energy efficiency, lower costs, and increased reliability for sulfuric acid production. 
  • MECS® HRS™ is a patented sulfuric acid heat recovery system technology, designed to recover waste heat from the sulfuric acid process and convert it into steam, which can be used for power generation or other applications.

  • MECS® DynaWave® reverse jet wet gas scrubber technology offers superior air pollution control by combining multiple functions into a single vessel, with high reliability, low maintenance and operational costs.
  • MECS® offers sulfuric acid regeneration technology to recover spent sulfuric acid, reduce waste, and increase efficiency in refineries and chemical processing plants.
  • MECS® sulfur-burning sulfuric acid process technology produces sulfuric acid from elemental sulfur, using an efficient and environmentally-friendly process.
  • MECS® SolvR® technology offers regenerative SO₂ recovery, capturing SO₂ emissions and converting them into a useful product.
  • MECS® SULFOX™ wet gas sulfuric acid process produces high-purity sulfuric acid from a variety of feed gases, using a safe and efficient process.
  • ClausMaster™ SO₂ recovery technology offers a reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution for recovering sulfur from hydrogen sulfide in gas streams.

Elessent Clean Technologies offers tailored solutions for sulfuric acid, phosphate fertilizer, non-ferrous metals, refining, chemicals, and nitric acid industries. They have a global network of joint ventures and licensees and supply gas cleaning products and value-added process technologies. They also provide operator training programs and simulators for effective training. MECS® operator training simulator is a customizable solution for effective operator training. Troubleshooting and response skills are learned in a realistic environment.

MECS® Process Technologies