Moving Bed Trickling Filter (MBTF)

Ecosystems Europe offers an innovative solution for cleaning gas and wastewater streams in one system with the Moving Bed Trickling Filter (MBTF). This self-cleaning technology can even be used for soil treatment. The MBTF works through a column containing a gasket with micro-organisms that break down contaminants in the air and water stream. The gasket moves through the system, continuously cleaning itself, while the contaminated water stream flows from top to bottom, exiting the column clean. The clean gas stream exits the column at the top. MBTFs are well-suited for edible oils, chemical processes, and food production.

The benefits of the Moving Bed Trickling Filter are numerous, including simultaneous cleaning of gas and water streams in one system, saving energy and installation costs. Its compact design and integrated sludge removal make it an efficient and low-maintenance solution. Ecosystems Europe offers customized MBTFs tailored to your application and operating conditions for optimal efficiency and reliability.

The MBTF is also an excellent solution for industries producing both wastewater and odorous gas streams. This technology can treat small volumes of gas in an aerobic wastewater treatment plant, reducing odour nuisance without additional investment costs for gas treatment. This innovative concept makes it possible to control biomass growth, with low-pressure loss yielding a cost-efficient treatment of the combined wastewater and large gas flow in one compact reactor.

The MBTF’s unique carrier allows for high specific surface, high porosity, high liquid retention, and high resistance to abrasion. Full-scale results show that varying the flow of carrier material over the reactor is an excellent control of biomass growth, with the produced surplus sludge being applicable as bio-polymer. The MBTF is capable of treating wastewater and off-gas at high loads and efficiencies, even for difficult waste streams such as styrene containing off-gas, saline wastewater, and iron-loaded groundwater.

Ecosystems Europe’s MBTF has proven to be an effective solution for industries in need of a cost-efficient wastewater treatment and odour control system. Contact us today to learn more about our customized Moving Bed Trickling Filters and achieve cleaner air and water in your industrial process.

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MBTF moving bed
MBTF moving bed

Moving Bed Trickling Filter applications

MBTFs can be used in various sectors. The system provides the greatest benefits when both a contaminated gas stream and a waste water stream are present.

MBTFs are especially well-suited for:

  • Edible oils
  • Palm oil, sunflower oil, soy oil
  • Chemical processes
  • Styrene, acrylic
  • Food production
  • Deep-fried products, fish and chicken products and leather production

Important benefits of the Moving Bed Trickling Filter

  • Can clean gas and water streams simultaneously in one system
  • Low energy consumption
  • High efficiency
  • Compact installation
  • Integrated sludge removal
  • Low operating and installation costs

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