Achieving clean air and odor control

Innovative mist eliminators and activated carbon filters for bitumen fumes

At Ecosystems Europe BV, we are committed to creating a better environment and clean air through the implementation of hyper-modern technologies. Our latest project in May 2023 focused on the use of Mist Eliminators and activated carbon filters in the waterproofing/roofing industry to control bitumen fumes and eliminate odors.

When oil mist (aerosols) and VOCs are present in large quantities, relying solely on activated carbon can be risky and costly. To address this, we recommend the installation of mist eliminators in front of a carbon bed. By doing so, we minimize activated carbon consumption and reduce the risk of hot spots in the carbon.
Thanks to our strong relationship with this specific client, who has been utilizing mist eliminators for fume control and odor reduction since 2008, we were entrusted with additional orders in 2022. This led us to install activated carbon beds to further reduce VOC levels and eliminate odors to the absolute minimum.
To ensure optimal performance, our experienced team at Ecosystems Europe installed activated carbon filters with booster fans. The motor control center is seamlessly connected to the main fans and the bypass valves, providing the client with a simple yet secure control system.

To maximize efficiency, all fans are equipped with frequency drives, and the entire system is automated using PLCs, streamlining operations and reducing energy consumption.
Join us in our mission to create a cleaner and healthier environment. Contact us today to learn how our advanced mist eliminators and activated carbon technology can benefit your business and contribute to a greener future.

Project specifications

Waterproofing / roofing

Bitumen fumes / odor control

Gent / Belgium

Technology /product
Mist Eliminators, activated carbon