Maintaining clean air

Ecosystems Europe Conducts Critical Inspection at Sulphuric Acid Plant

In the pursuit of a better environment and cleaner air, Ecosystems Europe BV, in collaboration with MECS Europe, recently carried out a comprehensive inspection at a sulphuric acid plant located near Kristiansand, Norway. This plant belongs to one of the leading nickel producers in northern Europe, playing a vital role in the local economy.

To meet stringent environmental regulations and control the gaseous emissions from the metallurgical operations, it is crucial to ensure the sulphuric acid plant’s optimal condition. During the annual shutdown, our team of experts focused their attention on the catalytic converter and strong acid towers—critical components responsible for emissions control.

Thanks to our thorough internal inspections, several issues were promptly identified, allowing the client to plan the necessary repairs and replacement of critical parts. By addressing these concerns proactively, the sulphuric acid plant can continue effectively controlling emissions, safeguarding the environment in and around Kristiansand.

At Ecosystems Europe, we understand the importance of preventive maintenance. Our inspections serve as a proactive approach to detect early signs of wear, tear, corrosion, or degradation in equipment, piping, and storage facilities. By identifying these issues before they escalate, we help our clients avoid costly repairs, unplanned downtime, and ensure the efficient and reliable operation of their plants.
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Project specifications

Metallurgy company

Nickel production


Customer need
Determine required maintenance, comply emissions regulations, keep plant in good condition

Technology /product 
Inspection in the sulphuric acid plant during yearly shutdown

350 tpd