Activated carbon laboratory

At Ecosystems Europe BV, we have our own laboratory where we conduct customer carbon studies. Our experts work closely with the customer’s process engineers to establish the precise challenge on site, and we simulate the challenge in our laboratory. Based on the results, we select the type of activated carbon and mobile filter configuration and prepare the set-up on site jointly with the customer. Mobile filters are then installed, and purification starts.

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Carbon laboratory

Our laboratory tests provide valuable information on the properties of activated carbon and its effectiveness for various applications. For instance, our adsorption capacity test measures the effectiveness of activated carbon in adsorption applications. We use various gases such as VOC, H2S, SO2, and NH3 in the adsorption capacity test to determine the effectiveness of activated carbon.

Additionally, we conduct chemical impregnation on activated carbon to enhance its properties for specific applications. We also test the effectiveness of activated carbon for gas adsorption applications using gas chromatography or gas analyzers. These laboratory tests help optimize the use of activated carbon in industrial processes and provide the best solution for our clients’ purification needs.

In conclusion, Ecosystems Europe BV offers a range of services and solutions to industries, including customer carbon studies in our laboratory. Our laboratory tests ensure the effectiveness of our purification solutions and help our clients choose the best solution for their needs. Contact us today for a free consultation or to learn more about our services and start receiving our newsletter to stay updated with the latest in industrial gas treatment solutions.

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