Transform your Sulfuric Acid plant with our proven tower replacement solution

As an esteemed maintenance, process, or plant manager in the sulfuric acid industry, you understand the vital role that robust equipment and corrosion resistance play in your operations. That’s why we are delighted to highlight a successful reference project that exemplifies our state-of-the-art industrial gas treatment solutions.

We’ve been working hand in hand with Boliden Harjavalta’s copper nickel smelter to modernize their sulfuric acid plant equipment  A key component of this project was the replacement of the intermediate absorption tower in sulfuric acid plant number 7. The previous brick tower, which had been reliably operational since 1995, reached its lifespan’s end and has now been successfully replaced with a high-efficiency tower, fully constructed using our cutting-edge MECS® ZeCor® alloys.

Key features of MECS® ZeCor® Alloy

  • Exceptional Corrosion Resistance: ZeCor® alloys outperform traditional materials, offering superior resistance to sulfuric acid corrosion and guaranteeing equipment longevity.
  • Amplified Operational Efficiency: With our ZeCor® tower designs incorporating MECS® UniFlo® Acid Distributors and Brink® Mist Eliminators, we boost plant efficiency, thereby enhancing productivity.
  • Elevated Safety Measures: ZeCor® alloys reduce the possibility of acid leaks in towers and piping systems, enhancing the safety quotient for plant personnel.
  • Minimized Downtime: The ease of on-site welding with ZeCor® alloys enables swift installations, reducing downtime and future repair costs.
  • Cost-Effective Choice: With lower maintenance costs and increased productivity, ZeCor® alloys provide a cost-effective substitute to traditional materials.
  • Eco-Friendly: ZeCor® alloys encourage cleaner industrial processes, contributing to a greener, sustainable future.

Achievements in Partnership
The Boliden Harjavalta tower replacement project constitutes a notable achievement in our collaboration. Marking the company’s first alloy tower, it emphasizes the effectiveness of our corrosion-resistant materials in the sulfuric acid industry. Furthermore, with MECS reference list boasting over 400 towers since 1988, our expertise in this field is well proven.

At Ecosystems Europe BV, we prioritize your contentment, offering specialized consultation, ingenious solutions, and streamlined services for your industrial gas treatment needs. Our mission to foster a cleaner environment compels us to tailor solutions to your unique requisites.

Unearth the possibilities by engaging with us. Let’s reshape your plant operations, forging safer, more efficient, and sustainable industrial processes.

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