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MECS® Sulfuric Acid Environmental Technologies, Products and Services
Ecosystems Europe has been in partnership with Elessent Clean Technologies and the MECS technology for over 20 years. Elessent Clean Technologies brings over 80 years of expertise to the table, providing best-in-class plant processes, energy recovery, emissions abatement & environmental technologies, and specialty products & services to a wide range of industries. With hundreds of technologies and processes under their belt, Elessent helps professionals increase productivity, optimize energy usage, and improve quality while meeting environmental regulations and establishing a competitive advantage.


Furthermore, Ecosystems Europe boasts of its extensive experience in the sulfuric acid industry, providing innovative and sustainable solutions to their clients. Their expertise in this field has enabled them to address complex challenges in sulfuric acid plants, including sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid mist emissions reduction, energy efficiency optimization, and equipment reliability improvement. The partnership between Ecosystems Europe, Elessent Clean Technologies, and the MECS technology has created a formidable team capable of delivering unparalleled solutions to their clients.